5 August 2020 – Sydney’s rapidly growing strata, facilities and building management company, LVI Property Group, has today launched a new website designed to support its aim of building better lifestyles for its clients and potential clients.

“At LVI, we know every decision we make, and every action we undertake can have a big impact on the way people live their lives or enjoy their workplaces,” said LVI CEO, Bill Ioannidis.

“We are launching this website because we understand that open and clear communication is at the heart of excellent service, and an accessible online presence ensures the people who live and work in buildings we manage can find and contact us easily.”

LVI Property Group’s offering is built on the simple yet effective premise of expertise, experience and genuine service. After more than twenty years working with a Tier 1 Developer, Mr Ioannidis wanted to create a strata and building management service with a difference.

“We aim to ensure all of our clients and their residents never feel like just another number on a ledger, which can be the case with so many other management services. In addition to bringing our extensive knowledge on strata legislation and regulation and its application and practical management of a vast range of building and complex categories, we are truly approachable and we offer genuine warmth and understanding.”

“In today’s society, we all spend so much time at work, and LVI is no exception, so our focus is on making that time the best it can be for ourselves and our clients, by building real relationships.”

The new LVI website will not only provide an overview, in simple terms — no complex jargon or deliberately confusing phrasing — of what clients can expect from the company when it manages their building or complex, but it will become a primary opportunity for the LVI team to share what they know and what they have learned in an effort to help residents improve their lives and living conditions in their strata scheme.

“Our blog and news section will become a key part of our service and a way to connect with clients and those who are looking to improve their lifestyle in a strata scheme,” Bill commented.

“While a strata managers role is absolutely to manage finance, administration, maintenance and the other services smoothly, efficiently and cost-effectively, we believe a key part of our role is also helping clients to really make the most of their strata community by exploring new ideas and innovative ways to live more harmoniously.”

“We’ve launched our blog with some really useful insights into community and communication in strata schemes we have learned about from clients who have had to adjust their way of living during Covid-19.”

“We’ve seen some amazing displays of humanity and some really interesting methods of bonding and overcoming isolation within the many communities we manage. We have distilled some of these ideas into one of our first articles, so even post-Covid, residents of strata schemes can start to evolve their communities, if they wish, so we can go back to that mentality of yesteryear, when neighbours talked, supported and communicated more.”

LVI’s blog and news will be updated regularly, so those interested in improving and enhancing their strata community’s lifestyle should check in frequently.

LVI Property Group offers strata management, BMC management and facilities management to a variety of building and complex categories, from residential buildings to child care centres and educational institutions and multi-use or office complexes. To find out more about how they may be able to optimise management in your building, get in touch with the team.