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the lvi PROPERTY GROUP story

“Coming together is a beginning, staying together is progress, and working together is success.”

― Henry Ford


“As a property professional of more than twenty years, something I’ve always been acutely aware of, is how the actions I take and the decisions I make how I go about my work every single day can impact the way people live. I’ve always considered this both a privilege and an important responsibility.

I started LVI Property Group because I wanted to offer versatile property solutions for individual needs, in a different way. I wanted to build a company of professionals who are not just highly skilled and experts in the legislative and administrative requirements of managing buildings and complexes, but who genuinely and honestly invest in the well-being and growth of the communities they serve.
I am proud of the team I have built at LVI. I am proud of their integrity, of their intelligence, of the respectful way they engage with each and every one of our clients. I look forward to introducing you to my team.”
LVI Property Group CEO Bill Ioannidis
LVI property group values


The LVI Property Group recipe for success is built on a strong foundation of four key values:
  • INTEGRITY: We believe in real relationships with our clients, and we know these only grow from honesty. We value your trust and we work hard every single day to deserve it.
  • COMMUNITY: Our entire purpose is centred on the well-being of the communities we serve. We believe in supporting those communities, enriching those communities, and becoming a part of them, so we can better meet their unique needs.
  • COMMUNICATION: Clear, frequent and open communication is at the heart of what we do. It helps us connect as a team, connect with our clients and bring together the communities we serve.
  • DILIGENCE: Our team has a well-earned reputation for rolling up our sleeves and getting the job done. But we don’t just work hard, we work smart, tailoring our efforts to meet the unique needs of every client with which we partner.


At LVI Property Group, we are experts; we know our industry like we know the back of our hands. We are well-versed in all relevant legislation and regulation, and we are well-practiced in supporting its application in a wide-range of strata complexes and buildings.

But we also know our communities, and that’s were we truly stand out. We don’t think of any building or complex we serve, as just a file number or an address. No, when you approach us, call us or we are visiting; expect genuine conversation, interest and engagement; expect an immediate and detailed understanding of your specific property and its residents; expect a professional who is also a person and a partner, and who sees you as the same.

LVI property group difference


Our team members at LVI have been hand-selected for their unique combination of experience, expertise and a genuine commitment to serve our clients to the absolute best of their ability.

While they can recite legislation like it’s their ABC, and mediate a conflict with grace and respect, they are also talented sportspeople, avid travelers, committed family members and so much more.

With 22 years in the property industry, Bill takes his role as leader of LVI very seriously, committed, every day, to ensuring his skilled team delivers above and beyond for all clients. Coming from decades in director-level positions within a Tier 1 Developer/Building company of large, multi-strata apartment complexes (20 to 1,200 lots), Bill has demonstrated expertise in managing multi-layered stratums/strata plans, communicating and meeting set budget expenditures and surpassing the expectations of all key stakeholders. While Bill knows the experience he brings to any management is important, he is also aware engaging with clients honestly, and focusing on their well-being and that of the community, are some of the most crucial aspects of his job.
Bill Ioannidis
Heading up our building management and consulting department, Daniel is not only highly skilled, with 10 years’ of experience in the industry, he is one of the true ‘nice guys’ in property — just ask our clients! Born and raised in Sydney, Daniel has been interested in property for as long as he can remember, and has a particular focus on building real communities and improving the lives of the people he serves. After managing more than 350 lots for a Tier 1 Developer, Daniel joined the LVI team, bringing with him an exceptional ability to create genuine relationships, and extensive knowledge of compliance, legislation and best practices in building management. When Daniel isn’t in the office, you’ll find him travelling with friends!
Daniel Holten
Senior Building Management
When it comes to administration and logistics, Maria is the star of the show at LVI Property Group! Starting her career with a prominent real estate franchise, Maria realised she has a passion for serving others. Joining the LVI team, Maria has introduced new administrative efficiencies and has a keen eye for where processes can be evolved to continuously improve outcomes for our clients. With a goal to learn and grow, Maria commenced as an assistant and while undertaking her traineeship, has already started to oversee one of our part-time management tenures, under the guidance of expert, Daniel Holten. Focused on empowering our clients to really thrive in their communities, Maria is friendly, dedicated and always ready to help.
Maria Plegas
Building/Facilities Assistant
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